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Video Interview Geoffrey D. Borg
Saturday, 26 April 2008
geoffrey_d_borg_ceo_global_chess.jpgToday, April 26, 2008 is free day in Baku, and we have an interview not with one of the players this time, but with the CEO of Global Chess and Commercial Director of FIDE, Geoffrey D. Borg. He was one of the key actors of the Right Move Campaign in 2005-2006, and after the campaign he joined FIDE to help Kirsan's team to professionalize chess.

The first result of his many efforts is this first Grand Prix Series.  But what does he think about the future? Who is Geoffrey D. Borg? What are the future plans of Global Chess to market chess globally? You will find all answers in this video inteview in two parts.

Video Interview of Geoffrey D. Borg - Part 1

Video Interview of Geoffrey D. Borg - Part 2
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